Below are some common questions we get.

What if I don’t like the colorization?

You get 3 revisions with each order. Let us know what you’d like to see. Our artists are very good but we’re also limited by reality. We’ll do our best to give you an amazing color photo but know that some requests are just unrealistic.

For example, if a very small portrait is on grainy paper, the colorized photo would be grainy too. We can’t airbrush the grains out. You’d have to find the film, develop a larger photo, and then send us the larger photo if you want a grain free image.

What should I do with ripped photos?

Just send them to us. We’ll piece it together, scan it, and combine it as 1 whole photo. If the photo is missing pieces, we’ll try our best to make it look as if it was a whole image.

What can I do with the finished photos?

You’ll receive the image files from us (TIFF and JPEG). You can either share them online, print them as photos, or add them to t-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc using another service.

Is there a limit to how many individuals are in a photo or how complex a photo is?

No. Unlike other companies, we’ll take any photo.

I have an idea for the colored photo, what should I do?

Add that idea to the “Information to pass to artist” field in the order form. We’re pretty open here. If you want to do something such as extract the individuals and place them in a different background, it’ll work. We can also combine two images together (ie “20 year old grandson standing in photo with 20 year old grandfather”), that can work too. Just let us know. If it doesn’t work, we’ll tell you.

When will I get my originals back?

Usually 6 business days but it depends on where in the country you are mailing from.